Optima is a manufacturer and supplier of OEM, genuine engine parts for the Power-Generator, Mining, and related Marine applications. We focus on the Gas & Diesel power generators and we are aware of the hard conditions of those engines. Our 15 years of knowledge allows us to support customers and provide optimum solutions during engine maintenance. 


We started this adventure in 2008 by producing crankshafts. Our management has 15 years of experience in the development, production, and marketing of major engine parts. Thanks to the experience and knowledge that we gained in the engine industry during the early years, we expanded our work on engine parts. Today, we offer high-quality precision parts to our customers with the confidence of this background.

 Our products are: 
  · Crankshafts from 6 up to 16 cyl
  · Cylinder Heads and Components 
  · Piston - Cylinder Liner - Piston Ring 
  · Connecting Rods

They are used: 
 · Diesel Power Generators 
 · Natural and biogas power plants
 · Mining & Marine industry
 · Oil and Gas Industry


Optima products are manufactured with high-quality raw materials which are approved by the OEM industry. Every single product is inspected at the quality check department before having quality approval. We implement TUV CERT, ISO 9001:2008, ISO / TS 16949:2009, quality management system.